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this completely changes your whole life

This is the game which humans secretly long to play.

Chapter Two

As soon as beauty is known by the world as beautiful, it becomes ugly.

As soon as virtue is being known as something good, it becomes evil. Therefore being and non-being give birth to each other.

Difficult and easy accomplish each other. Long and short form each other. High and low distinguish each other.

Sound and tone harmonize each other

Before and after follow each other as a sequence.

Realizing this, the saint performs effortlessly according to the natural Way without…

The trouble with school exams, and the “testing” model for education in general, is that they ingrain a very destructive idea, in the minds of students. They ingrain the idea that perfection ever existed, and moreover, that it was actually attainable. Why is this such a destructive idea? Because it gives people an “inner” focus. It makes people wait to be validated (by others), before doing what we might envision. It ingrains (on the periphery) in the mind, and invisible “judge”, to whom we might present our efforts, whereafter they might be validated or not validated. The trouble is, that…

Honestly, talking learns you nothing.

Literally nothing.

It literally has nothing to do with doing.

I tried to do this to inspire more people to do.

And ended up getting lost in a swirl of talk.

Even this means nothing.

I was looking in the wrong place all along.

The chicken and the egg

Create a community.

Sounds so easy.

But in truth, no one person creates any community. Certainly not any real one. In truth, real communities are created by people, together.

You can’t create it from the outside in. It needs to be from the inside out.

This means engaging a small number of people. A tiny number of enthusiasts, who really get what you’re trying to shoot for, and share your mission.

Then working with these golden geese to grow the community, whether through recommendations to friends, or through posts on Instagram, jokes and other things…

It’s always been fun to do things. Irrespective of what it was that I might decide to do, I noticed a common pattern that continued from thing to thing.

When I tried, I failed.

This isn’t a joke, although it is funny.

It’s funny because trying is considered to be the way to go. Do your best, do everything you can, work your hardest, each of these has something to do with effort. And the idea that the more effort we put in, the better the results will be.

This is perhaps partly true, but also wholly false.

Why partly…

Interview (with myself), but for Tanika

I THought I’D POst THis because ITS Agood BERometer OF MY eXpericnes THat LED mE TO wHEre I AM nOw.

Truly actionable knowledge is aggregative.





Each person finds one thing

Like Lego

It is social.

A place to hang out.

It is a support system.

It is a place to collaborate.


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